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The Vivid Imaginations of GG and Pop

Introducing the first book in the series.

"Portal to the Imagination"

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Dust-cover is completely biodegradable! It features 14 punch-out floral shapes which can be planted to grow real flowers!


Over 25 additional pages which feature imagination prompts and activities for kids and adults to do alone or together. 

GG & POP The stories follow two sisters, GG and Pop, who use the power of La La Land to unlock the wonders of the world and create a small place of their own within it. We want our readers to do the same!  With an imaginative preface, hands-on epilogue, and a plantable cover, these books act as the ultimate storybook and moodboard for kids.

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Capture an early glimpse into the world of GG and Pop and leap into your own imagination with advanced pricing.

HARDCOVER: 80 Pages, Artist's Edition
ISBN-13: 978-0-578-31509-6
PUBLISHER: Candied Yams & Co.


SHIPPING: April 2022


Jessica Ann Peavy 

Visual artist and filmmaker Jessica Ann Peavy has exhibited across the US and abroad. Her work has been featured in Artforum, Time Out New York, The New Yorker and others. She’s also led arts education programs for several of NYC’s major cultural institutions. 

Peavy is the mother of the real life GG and Pop (Gloria-Gwendolyn and Pearl). The brand started in 2020 during covid as a way for Peavy to keep her 5yr old and 3yr old daughters occupied and creative (in the clouds or La La Land) as they were quarantined for months in New York City.

Nina Alberg

Mimi Moffie is Nina Alberg, a Caribbean illustrator, writer and teacher who is currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Her work is focused on and inspired by expressions of joy and self advocacy by black women. She makes both digital and hand-drawn illustrations and has worked with several major international publishers and publications.


Joe Shouldice

Joe Shouldice, started the graphic design studio YesYesYes Design with a mission to delight. Originally from Toronto, Shouldice moved to Brooklyn in 2006. He has received accolades from most major international design competitions, including the Tokyo Type Director's Club and The Grammys.

With over 16 years experience in print and digital design, Shouldice continues to work with only the best clients world-wide.

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